Welcome to the City of West Sacramento’s
Parks Update 2028!

The City of West Sacramento is currently updating its Parks and Open Space Master Plan to include development and programming opportunities for the next 10 years. The current Parks Master Plan was adopted in 2003, with minor adjustments made in 2006. Since then, there have been significant changes in development and demographic trends, as well as local government economic shifts that impact the demand/need for a variety of recreation amenities and the ability to fund them. Additionally, changes to the natural and built environment have resulted in new opportunities to create unique recreation amenities along riverfront bluffs, miles of levees, agricultural landscapes, and progressive urban developments that promote active living.

The recently adopted City of West Sacramento General Plan 2035 includes a Parks and Recreation Element Policy Document which requires the City to review and update the Parks and Open Space Master Plan every 10 years to establish updated goals, policies, and standards for existing and proposed parks, open spaces and recreation trails, as well as programming needs. The Policy Document calls for the Parks and Open Space Master Plan to cover at least the succeeding 10-year period, with greater detail devoted to improvements planned for the first five-year period. To ensure that the Parks and Open Space Master Plan continues as a relevant planning document, it must be updated to reflect the City’s current and forecasted development, growth and programming needs through 2028.

Once completed, the updated Parks and Open Space Master Plan will build off the General Plan 2035 Parks and Recreation Element and serve as a catalyst for developing a financially viable and expanded parks, open space and recreation system that represents the unique characteristics of the City.

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Timeline and FAQs

  • What is the Project Duration?

    The planning process for the development of the Master Plan from start to finish is one year with an anticipated completion date by September 2018.
  • How do I participate in the process?

    Through the Participate section on this website – www.westsacfun.org you can provide feedback through the West Sacramento’s Parks and Recreation Department social media on Facebook and Twitter and open-ended suggestions through the Your Comments section.
  • Who is responsible for the master plan?

    The West Sacramento Department of Parks and Recreation has hired:

    PROS Consulting, INC., a nationally recognized firm, headquartered in Indianapolis, IN to assist with the Master Plan. The primary contact is Mike Svetz, Principal Consultant.
  • Where can I find information for the project?

    Project information including key meeting dates, completed technical reports, and final documents will be made available to the community through the project website – www.westsacfun.org